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We accept orders by phone
05 3300026.


Choose a pizza to his taste.


The premises of our restaurant, we offer reservations for various companies.

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Monthly offer

Pizza with zucchini and smoked salmon
7,30 € (small) 7,80 € (large)
Beef soup with noodles 2,70 €
Vegetable soup 3,20 €
Jota with sausage, bread 4,80 €
Cevapcici the annex 7,90 €
Wiener Schnitzel (pork) 7,20 €
Children's Wiener Schnitzel (pork) 5,20 €
Roast beef grilled with attachment 10,90 €
Squid stuffed with ham and cheese, annex 9,40 €
Panna cotta with fruit toppings 3,20 €
Pancakes with cottage cheese 3,20 €
Selection of enclosures: Asparagus grilled with bacon
Grilled polenta
Grilled zucchini
French fries